CAT: the PTI and CPRC annual report solution

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CAT is an user-friendly and robust solution designed to fulfill most information needs of the PTIs and CPRCs.  Get your annual report in minutes, save time and resources.

See CAT in action in our demo videos.


Key Features

CAT is a database management system for Parent Training and Information Centers (PTI) and Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRC) that complies with all of the parameters required by the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) in the Parent Center Data Collection Worksheet. CAT employs a client/server architecture where users are able to connect to a database on a network server via their own computer. A multi-user design allows our customers to work simultaneously while the data is preserved. CAT is compatible with MAC and PC computers.


  • Complete parent/guardian service history
  • Record of assistance, meetings and trainings
  • Call center ready
  • Great capability to search contacts on a single field
  • Flexibility to classify contacts with customized names
  • Generates an unduplicated list of parents served
  • Reserve available training from Contact window while assisting a parent


  • Plan training sessions
  • Registration of reservations
  • Record of participation
  • Comments and evaluation


  • Specify a range (yearly, monthly or custom) to generate a report with all parameters required for the “Parent Center Data Collection Worksheet”
  • Export unique IDs of parent served for that report (view video)
  • All reports are saved for future access
  • Generate training participation report summarized by theme
  • Export collected data to an Excel spreadsheet.


  • Two year comparison month by month
  • Charts representing each section of the “Parent Center Data Collection Worksheet”
  • Copy and paste charts into Word documents or PowerPoint presentations


  • User friendly interface
  • Secured access defined by role-based interface: contact staff, training staff, manager and administrator
  • Easy administrative functionalities for creating users and assigning roles.


  • CAT covers most needs of PTIs for state and federal purposes, but in case additional reports or modules are needed, just request a quote.