Our mission

To offer an ease-of-use solution for PTIs and CPRCs to expedite and maximize the efficiency of data collection and reporting, thereby conserving time and money.


Since 2000 we have been providing our services to small and medium-sized businesses -- including non-profits, printed and online publications, the food industry and real estate. And we have been providing our services to PTIs for the last six years.


The story started six years ago when as a parent I needed the help of the PTI. First, I started as a volunteer updating their database system and, eventually, I was contracted to make new developments. But in 2015, a new set of parameters were established to be collected by CPIR, thus rendering all previous systems obsolete. The new system required a new design from ground up. It would has been too expensive and unaffordable, so I decided to create CAT to help all PTIs and CPRCs. Now CAT is ready and has been in use for a year.